I was a bush pilot for precisely one day, in January 1980. Larry Larrivee operated 3 Maules from Makarora. He had employed a youngish pilot and needed a 3rd man (me) over the busy period.  I arrived to find that the youngish guy had pranged 1 of the Maules. First thing the next morning Larry and I set out to convert me to the Maule and familiarise me with operations. I did two trips: Makaroara, Aspiring, Milford, Albertburn, Makaroa. The Maule was a nice aircraft to fly, the ...strip(s) were going to be a challenge. Maule number 2 failed to arrive back. Larry and I flew a Maule into the Albertburn to find Maule number 2 ground looped and seriously damaged at the end of the strip. The wind had changed and the pilot  had not noticed (no windsock). With only 1 Maule left, there was nothing for me to do and I spent the rest of the summer instructing at Rexair (Dunedin Airport, the inimitable Andy Padgett's operation).