One day in 2012 I had the privilege of flying New Zealand’s first, and only, Aeronca 100, a two seat, high wing monoplane with a two-cylinder engine of 36 horsepower.

 The aircraft is a licence built copy of the American C 3, and was manufactured in England in the late 1930’s. It has a most distinctive appearance (see the photo I have posted). It was restored by Kip Netherclift and Captain Jerry Chisum gave me some dual at Bridge Pa. Getting two people into the cabin is a challenge. The second challenge was getting the aircraft moving, as full power (no brakes or chocks) did not budge it. Kip lifted the tail a little and we waddled off.

 A slight tail wind (not enough to budge the windsock) gave us a run which used up most of the grass runway. It took 10 minutes to reach 500 feet but once we throttled back it was a very pleasant aircraft to fly and had a flat glide and a low rate of descent in the glide. One of these aircraft flew from London to Cape Town and I guess that the pilot was a very patient man as it cruises at about 60 mph.